• User engagement

    Increasing user engagement is a key goal for app marketing. The strongest engagement type is user contribution. One master of that is Waze offering different level of contribution opportunities: Everybody contributes with automatic traffic information running the Waze app. But then users can report different traffic incidents for the community, and on the extreme - users can extend/correct the Waze map.

    Translation as user contribution

    How an app with static content can still stimulate user contribution. The answer is translation.

  • The Total Available Market (TAM), the number of smart device users is growing fast. That gives us a chance to see some organic user base growth, but all the analysts are confident that is not enough to maintain a sustainable business on long term. We have to do more.

    To sell more most of app developers pour money and work on improving visibility and conversion rates within their Target Market. That’s not surprising – visibility and conversion rates are the home ground for marketing agencies, the territory where they feel safe to advise (and invoice).

    But there are a couple of other – less frequently mentioned – options to grow your markets: mostly “do-it-yourself” tasks with good chance to succeed. To refresh the terminology: 

    Mobile app localization total available market