• User engagement

    Increasing user engagement is a key goal for app marketing. The strongest engagement type is user contribution. One master of that is Waze offering different level of contribution opportunities: Everybody contributes with automatic traffic information running the Waze app. But then users can report different traffic incidents for the community, and on the extreme - users can extend/correct the Waze map.

    Translation as user contribution

    How an app with static content can still stimulate user contribution. The answer is translation.

    On almost all markets – even is US there are significant Spanish community – significant number of users do not speak English, so they cannot use the app with comfort. But there are also people who speak English and roughly 5% of them would be ready to translate the app they are using to contribute to their family, friends or their language community. As with Waze, the contribution opportunity better has to be instant, meaning in the app, on the phone.

    Our localization solution built exactly this way. Integrate an SDK to your app, and on language markets users are offered to translate your app on their phone, in the app environment. Bonus functions are

    • voting to get translation – market survey based real customer demand
    • language practice – easily swapping between 2 language versions
    • machine translations  - for easing user contribution

    Additional benefits

    Translation opportunity not just helps to get contributing users and as a result better engagement with your existing local language users – who probably did not understand all parts of your app -, but you will gain new users who neglected your app, just because they did not understand a piece of it.