• No matter how you translate you are facing with issues:

    • Machine translation is cheap but provides poor quality.
    • Community translation is excellent but never finished.
    • Professional translation is faultless but expensive.
    • No translation is perfect but users cannot give feedback easily.
    All these statements are true at some level and they apply to app localization, too.
    The solution is to mix the translation methods by taking only the best from all. That’s what we call on-device progressive translation. How does it work?
    • It starts with automated machine translation extended with app-category sensitive translation memory.
    • The community of volunteer translators comes next. On their smart devices, while using the app they:
      • like existing or add new translations
      • see immediately the translated phrases in the app
      • recognize and correct context and layout issues
      • enjoy real teamwork
    • Once the community localization reaches a threshold, professional reviewers start to work on it. They review each translation and correct/approve them one-by-one. If something was not translated, they complete it.
    • When all phrases are approved, the whole localization becomes accessible to end-users. They can download it with one single click and can use the app in the new language.
    • If users recognize any translation issue they can report it back by easily indicating the exact place and reason why they aren’t satisfied with it. Pro reviewers solve the issue and the corrected version immediately gets distributed.

    The result is cheap, excellent and completed app localization with a closed end-user feedback loop.

    Furthermore, on-device translation means

    • Good quality because translation happens while using the app – the perfect context
    • Less layout issues thanks to the immediate translation visibility
    • More fun for the translator than any other translation method

    How to deploy on-device progressive app localization into your app:

    • The service is free for developers but you must register
    • Please visit www.transround.com or opt in directly on developer.nativer.com
    • Integrate the dynamic resource handling SDK into your app, test and publish.

    That’s it. We’ll do the rest.


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