• In the last post we saw that more than 1Bn users have no sufficient English knowledge to use English language mobile apps with comfort. It is a huge user base and grows day-by-day. So, how much more downloads, users and revenue can we get, if we localize our app?

    It depends on several factors. Let's look again what datapoints we can find on the internet. Very few. One great study is by Distimo looking at app monetization of developing markets:

    Localized apps are overperforming more than 10x other apps in monetization. In Russia, the 7% localized apps deliver the 70% of the total revenue, while the 93% non-localized apps bring only 30%.

    Being curious we put together a simple market research app –Application Language Survey- to get more insights. We made a small promo to get sizeable feedback on some developing markets. (The app is still on GooglePlay – if you want to look at – and still sending us data). After 1,000 answers we found the following:


    - 20% of users are happy with English versions – this is roughly inline with English knowledge.

    - 5% of users are happy with the current portfolio of local apps.

    - But the majority 75% would require more localized app.



    So, how can we leverage this customer demand? As a developer, how do you know which market would demand your app, if it were localized? And how can users ask for more localization? App markets are not very helpful on this. It takes quite some time to realize if there is an opportunity in certain markets using only the download statistics. And users can articulate their voice only thru the feedback function – a rather complex activity. Can we do something about this? In the next post we look at what a developer needs to consider, if he plans to localize his app. As always, feedback is welcomed, let me know your thoughts.




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