Coolab - new way of work



Miniapps are predefined common scenarios ready to use. Just pick it from the library, invite team members and you are ready to go.



Tabs are placeholders for group of cards. They can represent a state of a repeating tasks - represented by the cards like a KANBAN table. Or they can represent a hierarchy of a complex task.



Cards are grouping the context of information. It is built up from sections, each section can have a different information form: text, photo, reference, comment, time, place or even a QR code.


Card sections

This is the basic information piece, which can be grouped together placing them on the same card. One element can be elevated to a card or even to a miniapp providing super flexibility to cover any process or tasks, even if these are chaging over the process execution.



Coolab provides a flexible platform by letting the user to organize information in a structure miniapps-tabs-cards-section, where the basic information element can be referenced into any other level.


Customize not buy

Business changes everyday. With Coolab - adjusting your business process to changes is easy with couple of clicks. Start with the tipical scenarios represented by the miniapp templates and customize it to your need without programming knowledge