Transround is a startup company founded in november 2013.

We believe that people have comfort using their mobile phone in their personal life communicating with their family and friends, creating and reading content, using apps to do everyday stuff and playing.

Our first attempt was bringong crowdsource translation into the app market by enabling apps to be translated on the phone realtime, in context. After solution market fit phase we pivoted to enabling small and medium business to leverage mobile phone features in everyday work.


Using the mobile phone in work lags behind not having the right applications to support job related activities. For collaboration one needs to use several apps to manage content, communications and processes. Or a custom apps need to be developed - which might be expensive and easily gets outdated as changes occurs in the marketplace.

Transround goals is to help everyday work tasks to be supported by the mobile phone with full context and easy to customize. Our first product Coolab app brings rich functionality with ease of customization to mobile.